Assistant Lecturer for the drama department at Kent University teaching contemporary performance making.

Workshop in Digital Storytelling for AS and A Level drama students

Digital Storytelling enables students to develop theatre and performance for an online platform. The workshop focuses on storytelling skills, improvisation, script writing and character development. Taking these skills, students tell a story using online tools and social media. Participants can develop a play they are currently studying and re-stage it online or develop their own devised piece. This is a fun collaborative workshop which helps participants to examine style, characterisation, language and dramaturgy in a wider, more porous social and cultural context.

Participants gain:
An understanding of storytelling.
Improvisation, character and devising skills.
Script-writing skills.
An understanding of current digital arts.
An understanding of basic online safety.
Skills enabling participants to communicate meaning to audiences via social media.
Experience in creatively responding to dramatic texts and forms.
A basic understanding of post-dramatic theatre.
A basic understanding of cultural intervention in public spaces.

Rebecca and Phoebe came and worked with my year 12/13 Performing Arts Sixth Form group. In the space of 3 hours they were able to completely blow their minds as they introduced to a new way of producing and performing theatre. My students started out with the idea that theatre could only be performed within the confines of a building with a traditional stage and after the successful workshop they now approach the idea of “what theatre is” in a more open minded and 21st Century way.
I can most sincerely recommend Rebecca and Phoebe as practitioners and will be hopefully working with them and my new Sixth Form group in the new academic year.
— Karen Vanderhoeven, Glassworks Sixth Form College, Folkestone

Audience of One: experiments in One to One performance. A workshop for undergraduate drama students studying contemporary performance.

Really bloody scary or thrillingly liberating?

One to One performance is not a new form within the enormous all-you-can-eat buffet that is contemporary performance arts. That said however it’s only fairly recently that people have started going back for second helpings and we can thank various artists for this: Franko B; Adrian Howells; Kira O’Reilly and, of course producer, David Jubb. Cheers Dave. But, to get the point – in this session we will practically explore the merits and pitfalls of this form, it possibilities and its limits. 

Children and young'ns

Previously the St Edmunds School Summerfest drama coach, working with children from 6 to 15 on developing drama and performance skills with specific focus on devising, ensemble work, game-play and improvisation.