Originally commissioned by GEEK festival with funding from Arts Council England in 2014 and based on an original concept by Rebecca Wigmore and Phoebe Marsh, Tourist Trap is a scavenger hunt through time. Players compete in teams to recreate and capture the perfect set of time-bending holiday snaps. Each team begins with a set of genuine tourist snapshots taken throughout the location’s history. In one hour they must recreate each photo using any means possible. Throughout the game players share their photographs using social media.

Tourist Trap is currently a pop up game with each event is completely bespoke, the location’s own history and collective photographic archive used to make up the games component parts.

The photographs created during the game by the players are unique, playful and often beautiful reflections on the locations past. The game was originally developed in collaboration with artist Rebecca Wigmore, it is currently being re-developed for museums and galleries.