"We first worked with Phoebe as a guest curator on Pot Luck #5 in 2012 (which was a great success). Our shared passion in grass roots initiatives led us to bring her on board as a trainee producer for the next series of Pot Luck events from 2013-14. Pot Luck is a steep and demanding learning curve for any producer and Phoebe not only took it in her stride, she thrived, becoming an integral part of the team. We have seen Phoebe grow into an artist and a producer of integrity and generosity. Her dedication to experimentation is coupled with a strongly empathetic nature and a conviction that art should speak to people. "
Accidental Collective

the Winter's Tale

 I've just finished working as a project manager on Moving Theatre's Radio Drama Festival- The Winter's Tale in Herne Bay. This was the first of it's kind in the UK attracting entrants from all over the world. The festival was a fantastic success and we're beginning to think about next year!

"I really enjoyed the festival when I came to the Vintage empire tea room on Thursday afternoon. It was lovely to see something like this in Herne Bay right on my doorstep, it’s great for Herne Bay and I hope you return again next year." Audience member

cook up

I was asked to put together Cook Up, the opening scratch night of Looping the Loop a festival of live art which took place across Margate, Ramsgate and Broadstairs on the 19th-25th September 2014.

Tall Tales Big Moves - Sea Story (2014)

Dramaturg for Sea Story by dance theatre company Tall Tales Big Moves

Tutorial: Party! Party! Party! Party! Party! (2014)

A live-online make up tutorial designed to help audiences get through the middle of a party.

If Pheebs & RWig know anything (and they do, they bloody do) it's how to party.
To celebrate _YOUR NAME_ birthday, join us for a live filming of a Youtube make-up tutorial that will help you glitter your waterline, blend your flesh tones and 'pop' like never before.

Online Real Time (2014)

A series of online experiments exploring the anxieties surrounding construction of identity in the digital age. 

Whether you’re Facebook faithful or the scourge of 4chan, tweeting or trolling, you’re never just one person online. We are performers and friends and have carefully curated our online personas for years. We want to explore the possibilities of performance and artistry in a digital dystopia. We want to connect with online audience and a selection of Folkestone- based participants for a research and development project that asks: what happens when you swap your online self with somebody else? Is there a youtube tutorial for that? Can you ever truly be @one w/yourself?

This project was an exploration of how we construct ourselves online. When everybody’s the author of their personal brand and curator of a catalogue of selfies, we asked is this narcissism or artistry? Is there is value in performative reflection? Can you still die onstage if you’re performing online and will future employers be able to Google it? 

This collaboration between myself and artist Rebecca Wigmore was supported by Theatre in the Cloud, a project of futuredream.

The Shape of Things to Come - artist residency (2014)

In collaboration with artist Rebecca Wigmore this residency at 3-7 Tontine Street in Folkestone's Creative Quarter saw the early development stages of Online Real Time a series of experiments in digital performance.

Supported by the Folkestone  Quarterhouse, for more info go here.

Arts & Kindness - Learning (2013)

A Learning commission with People United as part of their artists commissions programme.

This  was an opportunity for a Kent-based artist at the start of their career, spending time with the other commissioned artists learning about their practice and developing their own. My research culminated in two podcasts.
With support from the Arts Council, National Theatre, Turner Contemporary and Kent County Council, People United launched their new artists commissions programme for 2013 exploring the role the arts can play in developing a more caring society.
Four commissions focused on the themes of empathy, belonging, values, and learning. These draw on People United's paper Arts and Kindness that explores the science behind altruism and the potential for the arts. Informed by the paper  these commissions explored how the arts might sow the seeds for kindness to grow, and develop our learning about the potential of the arts to inspire positive social change.

For further details of the programme see People United's resources page

To Make You Happy

A solo project stemming from tasks set by participants; "Give me one thing, one thing I can do to make you happy" 

Her investigation into ‘Random Acts of Kindness’, the performativity of social encounters and their dependence on space questions how we relate to each other affectually in everyday life and the efficacies of Live Art to facilitate such an exploration.
— Philip Watkinson PHD candidate, Queen Mary

Associate Artist, The School of Arts, Kent University

I was the first solo practitioner to receive The School of Arts's Graduate Theatre Company placement. 

What makes Phoebe Marsh a delight to have around is her energy. She’s always busy doing something creative, whether it’s helping to run the award-winning new performance night Pot Luck, helping others to develop their work with her dramaturgy, or sharing her delightfully distinctive imagination as a performer in her own right.
— Dr Oliver Double, Head of Drama, University of Kent

2008 - 2010 

  • Article “Giving Ice-cream to Strangers is Surprisingly Difficult” published in Australian journal Eureka Street.
  • Looking for Kate Bush at Orange Street Music Club and Lounge on the Farm Festival.
  • Co-Produced Get Folked in Exeter promoting alternative, young folk and roots artists.
  • Co-Produced Concourse Festival 09 at Dartington College of Arts. 
  • Intern at Wallspace Gallery, London Wall
  • Intern at Hot House Theatre, Australia 
  • Intern at La Mama Theatre, Australia 
  • Part of Living Structures 6-week residency at the Battersea Arts Centre developing Carte Macabre.


MA, Distinction in Theatre Dramaturgy at the University of Kent.

My research engaged with creative producing, one to one performance and the role of new dramaturgies in devised theatre, performance art and kindness. My dissertation, Towards a Performance of Kindness, explored dramaturgies, performatives and theatrical tools employed by non–artists and organisations seeking innovative structures for performing kindness and the cognitive processes undergone in turn by their found audiences. 

BA in Theatre with Cultural Entrepreneurship from Dartington College of Arts

In year 9 I came first out of the girls and third overall in a cherry pip spitting competition.