Happy Days

There are a few clips I return to in times of darkness or just when things are a little unknown. This is one of them. I love Judy Garland, always fighting- never the tallest or the coolest girl in the class. I think its something to do with the way she was so open about her vulnerabilities - you could hear it in her voice. She manages to break your heart and bring you utter joy in just a few notes. As for Babs, this is a new love affair for me- I'm still in that fresh dizzy part where everything is new. When I first saw this clip I was annoyed because I thought she was overshadowing Judy, but the more I watch it the more I enjoy the fidelity in this duet. 

This song is one I like to send my girlfriends to say "I am here". We are in this together. 

From The Judy Garland Show, taped October 4, 1963 and aired October 6, 1963. A young Barbra Streisand is paired with Judy Garland for this amazing duet. One for the ages. The "mash up" of the two songs was Judy's idea. It came to her while listening to Barbra's recording of "Happy Days Are Here Again."

If you were ever so inclined, I recommend My Judy Garland Life By Susie Boyt. Hands down the best book I have ever read about Judy. This is because Boyt is an unapologetic super-fan and has no problem being open about her total unmitigated LOVE for Judy. I have always been interested in what it means to be a fan. I even made a show about Kate Bush fans which led me to be know as the Crazy Kate Bush Girl for a while. But whats wrong with that? I would rather be remembered for loving something than being a cynic or a pedant. If you click on the pic it takes you to a review.